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Remote Learning Policies

Expectations During Remote Learning
School Office Hours During REMOTE LEARNING

During remote learning as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, school office hours are Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, and Friday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM.


What is considered an absence while REMOTE LEARNING?

Attendance will be taken at the start of each class period.  A student is considered absent from the class if they have missed 5 minutes of the class.  If the student is encountering technical difficulties, they are to contact their teacher through email, ClassTag or by phone.  Students who are absent (unexcused), dismissed or suspended from school will not be allowed to participate in after-school academic support beginning at the date and time of the infraction and lasting for the entire time of the suspension or absence.


How to report an absence while REMOTE LEARNING

Parents and guardians of students who are absent from school or are expected to miss a class session must call the Main Office at 508-991- 4105 or email no later than 8:00 AM on the day of the absence to report the reason for the absence.  If you do not report your child absent, the Main Office will send you an automated call informing you that your child is not in school. If the school doubts the identity of the parent/guardian caller, we will call back to verify the absence. Any student who attempts to falsify or forge an absence report will be referred for disciplinary action.  A written absence email must be sent by a parent or guardian explaining the reason for the student’s absence must be turned in on the following day.

Student Remote Learning Expectations

During remote learning, all students must abide by the GLCPS-Acceptable Use Policy (GLCPS AUP) and the GLCPS Code of Conduct. In order to protect all students and all staff members, there are additional expectations regarding remote learning:Technology Expectations as stated in the GLCPS AUP:
  1. All students will keep their school issued Chromebook in good and working condition
  2. Students will use their school issued Google email and Chromebook for educational purposes only.
  3. Google email and Chromebook are GLCPS property. Therefore they may be examined and the contents searched at any time for any reason.
Support/ Security - All GLCPS students have personalized, password-protected Google email which gives them access to the entire G-Suite. This email is provided by GLCPS for students to use for educational purposes. Disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the GLCPS AUP and the GLCPS Code of Conduct for inappropriate use of student emails. 

If a student and/or parent encounters a security and/or technical problem during remote learning, they are to notify: Mr. Stevens, Director of Technology: or call the GLCPS Main Office at 508-991-4105 ext 541.

Behavioral Expectations
  • During remote learning, students will continue to follow GLCPS expectations for proper behavior. All students are responsible for their language and their treatment of other people. Proper online and email etiquette is expected in all communications.
  • Students must follow the classroom norms for collaborative documents. GLCPS also takes the authenticity of student work and academic dishonesty very seriously. Plagiarism, allowing others to copy work, and/or the wrongful use of Internet content will result in disciplinary action. 
  • Any of these violations shall be disciplined as deemed appropriate by the school administration. 

Attendance is mandatory for any scheduled meeting/classes during remote learning. Remote learning classes and/or meetings allow teachers and students to stay connected. This time also allows the teachers to present their students with options and opportunities to learn. These meetings can range from whole class to small group to one-on-one sessions. Whole class parent meetings allow teachers to introduce ideas to all students, while small group meetings allow for collaboration and individualized feedback. During one-on-one sessions, teachers can help students set and/or meet specific goals and provide individual feedback. 

When working online, students have endless sources of information available, however not all sources are always reliable and/or credible. Due to this, the best learning occurs through teacher interaction and feedback. It is essential for students to attend all scheduled classes and/or meetings to ensure an understanding of teacher expectations, ask clarifying questions and receive beneficial feedback, as well as take advantage of any additional learning opportunities provided.

During school hours, students are expected to check their email and respond to staff emails pertaining to remote learning. Students are also encouraged to email staff in regards to school ­related content, questions, and/or concerns. However, while they may do so, staff members are not required to answer any emails outside of their regular work day. For example, an unanswered email to a teacher would not excuse a student from turning in an assignment.

Parental Expectations
We expect all GLCPS community members to uphold GLCPS’s core values of Trust, Honesty, Hard Work, and Respect both in and out of school. During this time of remote learning, we will be working together toward our goal of student success and academic achievement. Our staff is committed to this goal and expects both students and parents to accept responsibility for student learning. 
  • Trust - Communicate with teachers via email/text/phone calls/communication apps. Remind and support their student(s) in reaching out to teachers when help or clarification is needed.  Report any suspicious online activity. 
  • Honesty - Integrity and honesty are our basic moral guides in both academic and personal matters at GLCPS. If parents have any academic, social/emotional, or other concerns that may be affecting their student’s learning, we encourage them to reach out to a staff member for advice. The more we know, the better we can work together to help their student(s). 
  • Hard Work - Monitor their student’s progress, via Google Classroom, the parent portal and regularly stay up to date with communications from the school.
  • Respect -  Ensure that their student is attending all scheduled meetings on time. Monitor their online behavior to ensure that it is on task and appropriate. 

  • Method of communication - Establish their preferred method of communication with their student’s teachers.  All teachers are able to communicate with parents via email, text or phone call.  Letting the teacher know which method is best for them will help keep everyone properly informed.  Additional things that parents can do are to sign up for the teacher’s ClassTag App, make sure they accept the Google Classroom parent invitation, and let the school know if their email or telephone number changes.  
  • Limit Distractions - Find a quiet place with limited distractions where their student can work at home and participate in classes.
  • Stay Consistent - Keep their student on a consistent schedule with daily routines. 
  • Give Reminders - Remind their student to check their email, attend classes, and complete assignments. 
  • Provide Help - Assist their student with school work as needed, but allow them to struggle and figure out what they can do on their own. When in doubt, it is  recommended parents reach out to the teacher if they have any questions or are in need of assistance. 
  • Check in with their student -  Before and after each school day, ask their student questions about their learning/schoolwork.
      • Familiarize themselves with Google Classroom and submissions.
      • Have their students show examples of what they did that day.
      • Go over what is expected of their students for the following day.
  • Manage stress - The focus of GLCPS is always to protect the health and safety of the student. The GLCPS Student Support Team and School Administration are here to help in any way possible. If any parents feel that their student needs assistance during remote learning, they are asked to notify their student’s grade level counselor: