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Lottery Waitlist

Thank you for applying for your child to attend the Global Learning Charter School. We share your passion in wanting the best education for your child. We wish we could educate every child who applies to our school but we are limited by our charter to 500 students. 
We encourage you to check the status of the waitlist for your child's grade as often as you'd like. This page will be updated weekly to reflect which number is next on the waitlist. For example, if your child is #45 on the waitlist, and the number indicated next to your child's grade is 39, that means your child is 6th on the waitlist. Your child's waitlist number was included in the letter you received shortly after the enrollment lottery. 
You could also contact the school to request where your child is on the waitlist. Please contact GLCPS Manager of Student Services Madelena Albano at 508-991-4105 or email her to request your child's status on the waitlist.