Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Global Learning Charter Public School (GLCPS) is to ensure that all students achieve academic excellence, are ready for the rigors of higher education, and master essential skills that prepare them for the economic, social and civic challenges of a 21st century, global society.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a unique educational environment in which student success is measured beyond standardized tests so that they demonstrate academic excellence and mastery of essential skills. At GLCPS, essential skills include: technology literacy, public speaking, global citizenship and arts exploration.


We have created a school where the development of standards and frameworks for school accountability are matched by:


  • preparing young people for the new global, multi-cultural and technology-rich society and economy;
  • teaching methods that ensure that the learning needs of each student are met; and
  • a school culture that promotes the personal qualities of initiative, responsibility and community connectedness.

Additionally, we intend to share our best practices with colleagues in New Bedford and beyond through a variety of dissemination opportunities.