Health Services

GLCPS school nurses are important and valued members of the GLCPS Educational Student Support Team. They are specially trained in health promotion and assessment, and respond skillfully to the ever-changing health care needs of today’s students. They provide health care to students and staff, perform health screenings and coordinate appropriate referrals. A student’s health status is directly related to his or her ability to learn. Children with unmet health needs have a difficult time engaging in the educational process. School nurses serve as a liaison between school personnel, family, community and health care providers to ensure that students’ health care needs are met.
This section provides important information on a variety of topics pertaining to your child's health: 
  • GLCPS Wellness Policy 
  • Physical Exam and Immunization Requirements
  • Baked Good Guideline
  • 5th Grade Health Science
  • Prevention of Opioid Use
  • Body Mass Index Screening
  • Postural Screenings
Important Health Documents can be found on the  Health Forms & Resources page. 

Wellness Policy

The Global Learning Charter Public School recognizes the important relationship between wellness and academic success for students, staff and the entire school community. The intent of this policy is to outline the district’s on-going commitment in support of wellness in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and other school-based activities that promote health and wellness. Using section 204 of Public Law 108-265 – June 30, 2004: Child Nutrition and WIC Re-authorization Act of 2004, Healthy, Hunger – Free Kids Act of 2010 and recommendations by the Massachusetts Departments of Education and Public Health, the following beliefs guide our efforts:
  • We will seek opportunities to educate the school community on trends and information related to health and wellness. We encourage community partnerships that assist the district in this effort.
  • Consistent with current federal and state nutrition regulations, the Global Learning Charter Public School will continue to increase the availability and sale of nutritious selections.
  • Opportunities for physical fitness both structured (5-12 physical education curriculum) and activity (Tang-Soo-Do, YMCA Partnership, and extracurricular activities) will be supported and strongly encouraged. The Global Learning Charter Public School encourages community partnerships that assist the district to support an active, healthy community of learners.
  • Opportunities for staff in-service education to share best practices which incorporate activity and wellness across the curriculum will be offered. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle for school employees further supports the overall objective of a healthy school community.
It is the policy of the school district to adhere to the revised Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods and Beverages in Public School regulations (105 CMR 225.000) effective August 1, 2012.
Legal References:
The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004, Section 204, P.L. 108 -265
The Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, 42 U.S.C. §§ 1751 - 1769h
The Child Nutrition Act of 1966, 42 U.S.C. §§ 1771 - 1789

Physical Exam & Immunization Requirements

Global Learning Charter Public School must remain in compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s regulations regarding documentation of physical exams and updated immunization records on all of our students. According to Massachusetts General Law, physical exams should be performed on students “within one year prior to entrance into school, or within 30 days after school entry, and at intervals of either three of four years thereafter.” Therefore, Global Learning Public Charter School requires a copy of a recent physical exam on your child upon entry into the school system.
Global Learning Public Charter School requires physical exams in grades 5, 7 and 10.
Under Massachusetts General Law, chapter 71, section 57, school nurses may require a physical exam for:
  1. Children referred because of frequent absences due to unexplained illness
  2. Children referred because of known physical defects that require repeated appraisal
  3. Children referred from a teacher-nurse conference because the child is not making expected progress in school or because of signs of illness noted by the teacher or nurse
  4. Children planning to participate in competitive athletics annually, previous to such participation.
Immunization Requirements
No child may attend school without documentation of immunizations in accordance with current Department of Public Health recommended schedules. Lack of appropriate documentation of immunizations is a basis for exclusion from school.
Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements
If a child is not immunized due to medical indications or religious beliefs, they must present written documentation to the school nurse, on a yearly basis, which meets the standards for medical or religious exemption as set forth in Massachusetts General Law chapter 76, section 15.
In the case of measles, mumps, rubella and Hepatitis B, laboratory proof of immunity is acceptable if proof of immunization is not available. In the case of varicella (i.e. chickenpox), laboratory evidence of immunity, or a statement signed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant stating that the student has had chickenpox disease is acceptable in place of the required immunization.
It is important for parents/guardians to send all immunization documentation to the school nurse as soon as it is available which will avoid unnecessary school absenteeism. If you need help obtaining immunizations for your child, please contact your school nurse. They are able to assist you with obtaining immunizations in a timely fashion at a either a clinic run by the local board of health, or through your child’s pediatrician’s office.

Baked Goods Guideline

The Global Learning Charter Public School staff appreciates our families and their willingness to contribute to the classroom setting by contributing food and other supplies.
Due to the increase in food allergies, diabetes, and other health conditions present in our school population, we have guidelines to ensure the students’ health and safety.
Families are asked for their cooperation and NOT bring in baked goods prepared in the home. Food brought to school for special occasions must be in the original packaging, containing the ingredient and nutritional labels. This list of ingredients will be reviewed by appropriate school staff and will be on display during classroom activities to ensure safe consumption of food.
Please be aware that home baked goods will NOT be allowed at school events and will be returned to the student to take home.
We thank you in advance for your support; please feel free to contact the School Nurse with any specific questions, 508-991-4105 ext 515.

Prevention of Opioid Use


The 2016 legislation in Massachusetts requires that parents, guardians, and other adults in a middle and high school extracurricular athlete’s life such as School Nurses, Athletic Directors, Coaches and Athletic Trainers, receive educational materials on the dangers of opioid use and misuse.  Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) has developed educational materials on opioid misuse prevention and is partnering with schools across the state to share this  information with students, parents and school personnel. Because of the risk of injury and the subsequent need for pain management, student athletes may be at risk for opioid misuse.


If you have any concerns regarding this matter, please contact the school.

Rebecca Tomlinson, BS, RN
School Nurse
Phone: 508-991-4105 ext. 115
Confidential Fax: 774-328-8694
Samantha Aguiar, BS, RN
School Nurse
Phone: 508-991-4105 ext. 135