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Become a Mentor for College Success

Become a mentor to a high school student and help a young adult make the best choices for a successful future! 


The goal of the GLCPS Mentor for College Success Program is to provide an additional resource for graduates as they navigate their career path so they're successful in college. 


It's important to us that our students find success after high school. While 95% of GLCPS high school students graduate; and 95% of them are accepted to college, post-graduation data suggests that there is a need for ongoing support beyond high school. The mentoring program is one part of a plan to increase the number of students who stay in college and graduate.  


Each mentor is matched with one student. We ask that mentors meet face-to-face with their student once a month. We hold once-monthly group meetings with the matches during which they work on college and career planning. We encourage mentors and students to communicate with each other via text, phone and/or email at least once per week. The group meetings are structured for casual conversation and a college/career activity facilitated by GLCPS' College and Career Counselor. 


For those matches who cannot make it to the monthly meetings because of other obligations, they meet at the school, usually during lunchtime, one-to-one at least once a month. 


Prior to the monthly meetings and weekly check-ins, mentors and students participate in an orientation and training. After that, there are at least two group meetings with ice-breaker and getting-to-know-one-another activities. Students and mentors are matched at a subsequent meeting based on a combination of student preferences, mentor input and staff observations.  


We all work together to nurture and strengthen the relationships so they will continue when the students are in college; so that once the students graduate, the mentors will continue to be a resource for those students. Mentors would serve as eyes and ears for GLCPS staff, and notify us if a student is struggling with an issue or situation in college. 


Once the student graduates from GLCPS, the matches are free to meet and maintain electronic contact. We will check in with them via email at that point. 


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please email GLCPS Director of Education and Community Outreach Lynn Poyant at [email protected]. Or, call the school at 508-991-4105, and ask for Lynn or Ashley McPherson. Please let others know who might be interested in mentoring a student. All volunteer mentors must attend a training and submit to a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) background check.