5th Grade Health Science

Throughout the school year, our class will have an important lesson on the early stages of puberty, which many 5th graders are beginning to experience. The lessons will take place during their PE class at which time the students will be separated.
The girl's lesson will be taught by the School Nurse, Ms. Tomlinson, and will follow the curriculum and guidelines of the Always Changing Fifth-Grade Puberty Education Program. 
The program and video will help girls:
  • Understand the physical and emotional changes they experience during puberty, and acknowledge these changes as a normal part of growth and development.
  • Learn the physiology of their bodies and correct terminology for parts of the reproductive system.
  • Understand that personal hygiene is each individual's responsibility.
  • Understand the menstrual cycle.
  • Understand what to expect during a period
  • Learn how to manage periods while continuing with normal activities.
The boy's lesson will be taught by the PE teacher, Mr. St Jean and will follow,
A Boy's Guide to Growing Up, Discovery Education
The program and video speaks in clear, simple language and will help boys:
  • Understand early development about puberty and personal safety.
  • The program begins with an examination of the body’s external anatomy and a description of its functions.
  • The presentation covers the physical and emotional changes that take place for boys during puberty and provides tips for staying healthy and keeping clean.
  • Privacy and safety are emphasized through a discussion about respect, private parts, and societal expectations in public and private places.
Please contact us if you have any questions about these important lessons at 508-991-4105.  Thank you for your support.
Rebecca Tomlinson,
School Nurse
Samantha Aguiar,
School Nurse
Matthew St. Jean,
Physical Education Teacher
Lena Pires,