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Covid-19 Transition to In-Person Learning

GLCPS Transition to in-person learning

Professional development in preparation for Face to Face

  1. Three days of professional development will be dedicated to informing staff on proper protocols and safety measures for in person learning. 
    1. March 29 - Asynchronous day.  Students will report for homeroom/community meeting time: 8:15 AM - 8:39 AM.
    2. March 30, 31 & April 1 will be dedicated to professional development. No school for grades 5 - 12 students.
    3. April 2 - Good Friday. No School.

Safety Protocols includes but not limited to:

Daily Attestation for staff, students and visitors
  • A COVID attestation is a short questionnaire to check for symptoms. 
  • Essentially, each community member entering the building will be attesting that they do not have symptoms and have not recently had close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid.
All members of the school community must wear masks within common building areas. 
  • Masks can be off only when staff are in a room alone with the door closed to eliminate risk of exposure. 
  • Staff can exit the building for a mask break. 
All members of the school community will be required to maintain the proper distancing.
  • Minimize adult group sizes.
  • Parent/teacher meetings will be held virtually or by phone, if possible.
Protocol for Symptomatic Individual within GLCPS:
  • If an individual student is symptomatic on the bus or at school, they should remain masked and adhere to strict physical distancing; 
  • Students will then be met by the nurse and stay in the medical waiting room. They will not be sent home on the bus and must be picked up. 
  • If a staff member is symptomatic, they are to leave the building immediately and get tested. 
  • See GLCPS website for further Covid 19 Response Protocols/Policies Covid-19 Pandemic Response

Grade Levels and Structure

Grades 5 & 6 will be invited back into the building 5 days a week as detailed below: 
  • Week of April 5th, grade 5 & 6 will be in attendance only.

Grades 7 & 8 will be invited back into the building 5 days a week as detailed below:
  • Week of April 12th, grades 7 & 8 will be in attendance, joining grades 5 & 6.  


Grades 9 - 12 will be invited back into the building 5 days a week as detailed below:
  • Week of April 26th, grades 9 - 12 will be in attendance, joining grades 5 - 8.

Entry and Dismissal

Entry/Dismissal will be done in grade level cohorts through different entrances. Building will open at 8:00 AM for transition to home-room.                                                


Up/Down Stairwell A - Outside Building Entrance, NOT Main Entrance


Nye Street to Bullard St. through alley, to Stairwell D


Nye Street to Ashley Blvd, to Stairwell B


Delay Entry, line up along church building on Nye St, to Stairwell D

High School

Nye Street to Ashley Blvid, Stairwell C.


  • Nutrition stations will be set up in classrooms, cafeteria and gymnasium. 
  • Students will remain six feet apart while eating.
  • Students will minimize conversation while eating and during mask breaks.
  • Students will put their masks on immediately after eating and/or mask breaks.
  • While eating, students’ masks will be stored in a safe container either supplied by the school or brought from home. ( Parents may supply a sandwich bag or other appropriate container for student to store mask.)
  • Students will be given breakfast as they are entering the building. 

Classroom, Hallway and Restroom Safety Protocols

  • Desks will be three feet apart.
  • Lockers will be unavailable this year. Students are encouraged to bring backpacks (no wheels).
  • All staff and students must wear masks at all times (unless they are eating or during scheduled mask breaks.)
  • Staff and students shall not share materials and supplies. 
  • Students will be required to remain at their own assigned desks/designated area. 
  • Staff and students should maintain a minimum three feet distance from each other at all times. 
  • Grade-level hallway restrooms may be used. Lower level restrooms will be used during lunch and transition times (limit of 3 students in the lower level restrooms).
  • Administrators/staff may be stationed in each grade level hallway for monitoring purposes. 
  • Sanitizer/sanitizer wipes will be provided in each classroom. At minimum, staff and students should sanitize their hands upon entering the classroom and prior to eating. 
  • Review of proper hand washing and sanitizing techniques and other safety protocols will be covered with students. 

Student Access to Counselors and Nurses

  1. The student will step out of the classroom
  2. A member of the Student Support Team will escort the child to the required destination. 
  3. Once the child has received the necessary support they will be escorted back to class. 

After-school Enrichment 

  1. Spring after-school activities will run Tuesday - Friday.
  2. All after-school programs and clubs will remain remote until the end of the school year.  
  3. Programs will run from 4-5 PM as of Tuesday, April 6th.

Communication with Students/Families

    1. Parents need to address medication requirements. 
    2. If you choose to have your student(s) continue with remote learning call 774-762-2044. Leave your name, your child’s name and your phone number. Or, email with the same information. 
    3. Town Hall Informational Meetings Schedule
March 16, 2021, 5:45 PM English Speaking Session
March 16, 2021, 7:00 PM Spanish/Portuguese Speaking Session
March 18, 2021, 5:45 PM Town Hall Follow up
Question/Answer session with Mrs Pires.  Open Zoom room Friday, March 19 from 9 AM - 12 PM

* Adjustments to our protocols will be made as needed. GLCPS will continue to monitor the CDC and DESE for further guidance for keeping our students and staff safe and healthy. 

The Covid-19 Protocols Document provides in-depth guidelines for addressing the prevention of infection. 
All Staff and Students must conduct this self-attestation daily before entering the school building.
Face masks must have ear loops. The face mask must cover one's nose and mouth.