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Top Six Reasons to Apply for College Scholarships
  1. Scholarships make education easier to access and level the playing field for all economic levels.
  2. They could give you access to more colleges.
  3. Scholarships often come with additional non-monetary support from the organization or school offering it.  
  4. They could help you network with other like-minded scholars.
  5. Scholarships can give you more experience in your field of choice by requiring volunteer service in that field. 
  6. They can give your résumé a boost.
Scholarship Season is January - April!
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Local scholarships GLCPS students have applied for and received: 
  • Dr. Irwin and Joan Jacobs Scholarship
- $8,750.00 per year for 4 years, $8,750.00 per year
- One GLCPS student is awarded this scholarship each year
  • LGBTQ+ Scholarship
  • Charles Lewin Interfaith Scholarship
  • Cape Verdean Recognition Scholarship
Visit the GLCPS College & Career Center for more information.

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