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Steps for Handling Issues with Your Wifi Connection

Inclement weather can affect our ability to maintain the connection with students and staff. Therefore, we should be ready to be flexible.  

If students experiences connectivity issues:
1. Call the main office or email to let the school know.
2. When possible, students are to follow their schedule by going to the Google classroom and completing the assignments to the best of their ability.
3. Teachers will remain on Zoom as a resource to any students who can connect. 
4. Students are to check their Zoom connection often and rejoin regular classes when the connection is good.
If your teacher experiences connectivity issues:
1. Call the main office at 508-991-4105 or email to inform the school.
2. Report to Zoom and remain in the wait room for 5 minutes for another teacher to come in for instructions (if possible). If they do not, check your email for further instruction.   
3. Go to the Google classroom of the teacher who is experiencing technical difficulties and complete the assignments to the best of your ability.
4. Follow the rest of your schedule normally. Teachers are in different locations. If one teacher is experiencing difficulties it does not mean that all teachers are.
Wifi and weather often do not play well with each other which can be frustrating. We believe these steps wilresult in a smoother experience for both students and staff.