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GLCPS Applies for 100 More Seats

        Within the next couple of months, we expect to hear whether the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has approved our request for an additional 100 seats. We welcome your support and hope you will let the board know that our families, our staff, our alumni and our community support this request. Please consider writing a letter to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voicing your support. If you're not sure what to write, you can use this template letter as a guide. We've also included seven reasons to approve the 100 seat request that could be helpful as you write your letter. We know we can fill those seats because every year, hundreds of students are left on the waiting list. We believe it's unfair to those families who know GLCPS is the best choice for their kids but can't get in because there aren't enough seats. We have the capacity to add classes to accommodate additional students while keeping class size low. Now that we can welcome students who are in high school, we would like to accommodate those who are looking for an excellent high school academic program with a strong college/career planning department. 
              Thank you for supporting all we do TOGETHER at GLCPS. 
Dr. Stephen Furtado
Executive Director