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GLCPS Teachers Trained in Orton-Gillingham

Orton-Gillingham is the gold standard in instruction for students who struggle with reading. Based on decades of research on the brain, and with children and adults who have reading, writing, and spelling difficulty, Orton-Gillingham is an approach to reading instruction that focuses on using multi-sensory strategies. Researchers have found that people with severe reading challenges, especially those with dyslexia, must learn letters, the sounds of letters, and word parts by accessing alternative neural pathways in the brain. Orton-Gillingham methodology is a multi-modal approach through which students learn to decode and encode words by utilizing their five senses to segment and blend letters and their sounds. Instruction includes routines for speaking, listening, finger and arm tapping, sand-writing, paper-over-screen writing, poetry, and many other strategies as well.
Orton-Gillingham is used with all ages of struggling readers with proven results.