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National Engineers Week Comes Early Thanks to Lockheed Martin

build a vehicle, and test it, using only a few materials, and with the guidance of engineers from Lockheed Martin.

The hours-long project began with the engineers introducing themselves and explaining their specific fields, such as mechanical, software, and computer. Then, once the students were assigned to teams of five, Lockheed Martin engineer Catherine Duncan gave them their assignment: design and build a vehicle using only a few items. The teams were given string, tape, popsicle sticks, discs, rubber bands, and a couple of other items. They were encouraged to talk about how to build the structure so that it would be mobile, then sketch it out before they built it.

When time was up, each team tested their vehicles. Not all of the vehicles moved but as Ms. Duncan pointed out, that's how all engineers find success: through trial and error.

Thank you, Lockheed Martin for getting us excited about National Engineers Week! We hope you return soon to work with us!