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Houston, We Have a Weather Station!

 NOAA grant-funded project to study the populations of river herring, American eel and other species in the Nemasket, Mill and Taunton rivers, and evaluate the affects of rainwater runoff on their habitats. Plans call for Drs. Kevin Curry and Robert Hellstrom to provide professional development for local teachers on the river itself, then developing lesson plans and hands-on activities for their students "Yesterday was the second step in our grant partnership with BSU," said High School Science teacher Diana Cost.
"Dr. Hellstrom installed our new weather station on the roof of the Jacobs Center. He will be adjusting and connecting us to the underground weather cellular system so that our staff will be able to view the data for use in classrooms. This is especially relevant to the new science standards for inquiry that is meaningful, connected to the real world, and integrated with core subjects. Students will be trained to operate the station's programming and then will help train teachers. So exciting!"
The program is free to GLCPS for the next 3 years. After that, GLCPS will only have to pay for software upgrades.