A Warm Welcome to Our New Students!

This year for the first time, GLCPS is providing an electronic version of our enrollment form which allows families to provide all of the necessary documents electronically. The form is easy to access and easy to complete. Families still have the option of completing the form and providing all of the necessary documents, such as the student's physical, birth certificate and final 4th grade report card, through traditional mail or by returning the forms in person. What's important is that we receive these forms as soon as possible and before the start of the new school year. 
We look forward to greeting all of our students and their families at our Back to School Barbecue (August 24th)! In the meantime, whether you are attending GLCPS's summertime Academic and Enrichment Program, relaxing with a few good books, playing some Fortnite with friends, vacationing with families, or all of the above, we hope you are enjoying your summer and return rested and ready for a year of hands-on, project-based learning!