Reflections on the Events of 1-6-2021

Congress was doing their job with some members continuing to challenge the validity of the election. That challenge was hollow but for some it continued to fan the flames of deceit. I truly do not believe those congressional representatives who challenged the election thought their actions would lead to violence and a death. Yet it did, and we watched it right before our eyes. So now what do we tell our students when they ask why? We tell them that the Constitution was bent but did not break. We tell them no person is above the law. We tell them that they lived through a dark day in history. We tell them that, in the end, the system our forefathers created and established worked. Now is a time when we need to heal from this despicable act. America today received a black eye and it will be a day not soon forgotten But we survived one of the greatest challenges in American history. Tomorrow brings a time for reflection and sadness. Our emotions were placed in overdrive and that’s ok. Yes, this is a “teachable moment” and our students will turn to us for our thoughts. Our answers lie with the belief that our democracy remains strong and survived a serious threat. That the Constitution is not simply words but beliefs that we uphold. I cannot deny my emotional feelings and the outrage I felt. But I am proud that what was right and just persevered. God Bless America!
Dr. Stephen Furtado, Ph.D