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Together, We Can Do Great Things

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

I hope all of you are doing well, and that you and your family are healthy and safe. I want to update you on what we are doing to ensure that your child is continuing to learn and is receiving school assignments. We have already shared with your child a daily remote learning schedule, along with our expectations. We hope that we can all work together to help your child stay engaged in learning during this extraordinary time. 


Before addressing the schedule, we will emphasize how important it is to keep the lines of communication open. We are using every means possible to communicate with our families:

  • Last week, we called each family to check in and make sure that you have what you need to support your child’s learning from home. (If you have not received a phone call by now, please call Mr. Ferreira at 508-441-4680, or send an email to and include your name and phone number so that we can call you.) 
  • We have been using our Connect Ed system to send phone calls, text messages and emails to GLCPS families; 
  • We are regularly updating the school website, with information and resources;
  • We are posting regularly on our social media sites: Facebook, Instagram (glcps_), and Twitter (glcps_). Our social media posts offer us a way to share what is going on in other classes and other grades, what is going on with our teachers and other staff members, and even what some families are sharing. We also use these sites to post timely messages for students and families. Please consider Liking and Joining our social media sites. 
  • Teachers will be communicating with their students on a daily basis. I encourage you to have your child talk to you about what is going on in their classes, about how they are participating, and whether they are completing their assignments. 


The GLCPS Team is doing everything we can to make sure every student has the technology and internet connection needed to communicate with their teachers and complete assignments. Technology Director Derek Stevens has been meeting families at the main campus on Mondays and Wednesdays to help families with these issues, and he will continue to do so. He is there every Monday and Wednesday at 1:00 pm but will also work around a family’s schedule if this time is not possible for you. If you are having technical difficulties, contact Mr. Stevens by phone at 508-456-7161 or email him at For our Spanish-speaking families, please contact Ms. Palao by phone at (508) 817-1875, or email her at  


Beginning Monday, April 6th, all GLCPS students will follow a schedule every day, Monday through Friday. We have built A-W-T classes into the schedule, as well. Your child has already received his/her schedule. Please ask your child to show you his/her schedule. 

Classes will begin at 9am and end at 12pm. 

Your child’s teachers will be available by email until 3pm. We are noticing a trend of students working in the evening hours. It is acceptable for students to do schoolwork in the evening hours, however, teachers are available until 3:00 pm only.

Students are expected to:  

  • check into their Google or Zoom classroom at the scheduled time  
  • check their email after every class and stay informed as to what is going on
  • work with teachers in completing their assignments as best they can
  • turn in assignments on a timely basis; not wait until Friday to turn in all their work.

Teachers will: 

  • check into their Google or Zoom classroom at their scheduled time  
  • check their email and answer questions between 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
  • communicate with students and families as to what is expected daily

A daily bulletin will be announced in your child’s Google Classroom letting her/him know the assignments and expectations for each class that day.

What you and your family are doing to adjust to this new way of learning is not easy. I ask you to do the best you can. It will take time for all of us to adjust to this new way of teaching and learning. I am confident that as we work together, we will do great things!


Mrs. Pires