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GLCPS Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

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Agreement and Signatures

By signing this Agreement, users acknowledge that they have read the GLCPS ACCEPTABLE USE OF TECHNOLOGY POLICY and understand GLCPS’ expectations and the student’s responsibilities.  This agreement is in effect for as long as the student is enrolled at Global Learning Charter Public School.


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As a user of GLCPS technology equipment and resources, I hereby agree to comply with the above stated rules and procedures for communicating over the network in a responsible fashion while honoring all school policies, relevant laws, and restrictions whether using a GLCPS issued device or my own personal device.

As the parent or legal guardian of the student signing above, I grant permission for my son or daughter to responsibly use GLCPS technology equipment or our personal device and networked computer services including the Internet. I understand that some Internet sites may be objectionable despite the school’s best effort to control material content. I understand that our family will be held fully liable for any damage or repair costs associated with malicious misuse of technology owned by the school. I understand that if we have chosen to provide our own personal device for our student’s use, GLCPS is not responsible for any damage to said device or its parts.  Furthermore, I understand that the GLCPS Technology Department will not service any personal device.  I have read and understand the above policies. I accept full responsibility and adherence to the GLCPS policies.


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