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Let's Stop the Spread of Influenza

With the flu season still several weeks away from being over the Centers for Disease Control encouraging everyone over six months old to receive the flu vaccine. The city of New Bedford was offering free flu vaccine while supplies last. Contact your primary care doctor, or visit a local pharmacy for a flu vaccine. 
Other ways to prevent the flu is frequent hand-washing and coughing into your elbow.  
How will you know if you or someone you know has the flu? There are several symptoms that would indicate whether someone has contracted the flu, including a sore throat or cough, accompanied by a fever.
Please review the attached flu checklist. You can find more information about the flu on our Health Resources website page. Also, the Centers for Disease Control website provides more information on how to prevent the flu and stop its spread, how to recognize symptoms of the flu, and what do to if you or someone you know has the flu. 
If you suspect your child has the flu, please do not send him/her to school. Contact your primary care physician or visit your local health care center for diagnosis and treatment. 

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