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Body Mass Index Screening

A Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a measure that is used to show a person's "weight for height for age." It is calculated using an individual’s height and weight and is a useful tool in identifying possible health risks, but it does not provide a diagnosis.
According to the state’s BMI screening regulations, schools must collect the heights and weights of students in grades 1,4,7 and 10. BMI data for all children in these grades will be gathered and reported to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health as a combined number.  No individual student BMI results will be shared.  
The school nurse will supervise your child's screening and will make sure your child’s privacy is respected at all times. The results of your child’s height, weight and BMI measurements are strictly confidential.  You will be contacted only if the results of your child’s BMI screening are of concern or per your request.
A BMI does not tell the whole story about your child's health status. You may wish to consult with your child's physician as they are in the best position to evaluate your child's overall health. Please feel free to call the school nurse with any question you may have about the BMI screening. Additional information about children’s wellness and fitness is available upon request or you may access the state’s resources at www.mass/gov/massinmotion/. Parents and/or legal guardians can OPT OUT of this screening by completing form under the Health Forms tab.