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Physical Exam & Immunization Requirements

Global Learning Charter Public School must remain in compliance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s regulations regarding documentation of physical exams and updated immunization records on all of our students.
According to Massachusetts General Law, physical exams should be performed on students “within one year prior to entrance into school, or within 30 days after school entry, and at intervals of either three of four years thereafter.”
Therefore, Global Learning Public Charter School requires a copy of a recent physical exam on your child upon entry into the school system.
Global Learning Public Charter School requires physical exams in grades 5, 7 and 10.
Under Massachusetts General Law, chapter 71, section 57, school nurses may require a physical exam for:
  1. Children referred because of frequent absences due to unexplained illness
  2. Children referred because of known physical defects that require repeated appraisal
  3. Children referred from a teacher-nurse conference because the child is not making expected progress in school or because of signs of illness noted by the teacher or nurse
  4. Children planning to participate in competitive athletics annually, previous to such participation.
Immunization Requirements
No child may attend school without documentation of immunizations in accordance with current Department of Public Health recommended schedules. Lack of appropriate documentation of immunizations is a basis for exclusion from school.
Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements
If a child is not immunized due to medical indications or religious beliefs, they must present written documentation to the school nurse, on a yearly basis, which meets the standards for medical or religious exemption as set forth in Massachusetts General Law chapter 76, section 15.
In the case of measles, mumps, rubella and Hepatitis B, laboratory proof of immunity is acceptable if proof of immunization is not available. In the case of varicella (i.e. chickenpox), laboratory evidence of immunity, or a statement signed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant stating that the student has had chickenpox disease is acceptable in place of the required immunization.
It is important for parents/guardians to send all immunization documentation to the school nurse as soon as it is available which will avoid unnecessary school absenteeism. If you need help obtaining immunizations for your child, please contact your school nurse. They are able to assist you with obtaining immunizations in a timely fashion at a either a clinic run by the local board of health, or through your child’s pediatrician’s office.