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Special Education Services

The Global Learning Charter Public School special education program assists meeting the unique needs of identified students at GLCPS. Educational services, evaluation, curriculum modifications and accommodations are offered to children through individualized learning programs. Families and guardians plan with teachers, related services professionals and specialists to coordinate educational plans for particular students. We are dedicated to educating all students and believe that students with disabilities should be educated in full inclusion to the greatest extent possible within the least restrictive environment. Special education services are a continuum of services, accommodations, and/or modifications designed to meet the needs of students through the Team process. 



Director of Special Education Services
Special Education Staff
Grade Level Teacher/ Paraprofessional
Grade 5 Tom Goebel
Grade 6 John Pytel
Grade 7 Candice Santiago
Grade 8 Jillian Stanton
Grade 9 Matt Durant
Grade 10 Tim Goebel
Grades 11 and 12 Kim Gallardo
Reading Support Jodie Pothier
Social/Emotional Candice Santiago
Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) 
English Learner Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC)
  • Parent Driven Monthly Meetings
  • Question and answer with Special Education Director & ELE Coordinator each meeting
  • Serves as a platform to voice suggestions, questions, and concerns about the Special Education & English Learner Education programs at GLCPS
  • Provide the school and staff feedback on additional needs for SPED, ELL or FEL students.