Global Learning Charter School

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It is a 9% jump from the 2016 graduation rate of 87% and the highest graduation rate in the school’s history.

In addition, the school’s dropout rate decreased slightly from 1.8 to 1.7 which has held steady for the most part since 2012.

 “Our students work hard, and our staff works as hard to make sure that every student is receiving the support and resources needed to succeed,” said Lena Pires, principal of GLCPS. “We’ve put systems and programs in place to keep students on track to earn that high school diploma, and set them up for college and career success post-graduation.”

The newly released figures show a 95% graduation rate for high needs students who attend GLCPS which are students who are identified as English language learners, special education students, low income, or a combination of the three areas.

 “When you have small class sizes as we do, you take these numbers very personally,” said Dr. Stephen J. Furtado, Sr. “We know every student, and we want each and every student to walk across that stage. So, are we happy with our graduation rate? Yes. And, we will continue to work toward ensuring that every student can earn that high school diploma and is prepared for future success.”

 Furtado also noted that achieving a high graduation rate is just as challenging for a school with small class sizes because a small number of students not graduating results in a dramatic drop in the graduation rate.