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A Message On Safety From Executive Director Dr. Stephen Furtado

We will continue to use a 'code' system to alert staff and students to potential danger. We have three codes that identify situations occurring inside and outside our buildings. Given the fact that we have two different campuses the codes are identical and the procedures are the same. 
Our staff has been trained to allow no one in the building that raises suspicion. As you know, no system is perfect. As the situation in Parkland demonstrated, the suspect was a former student. Do we know if a student, parent, relative, etc. is capable of such violence when they seek entrance? All I can tell you is that we have safeguards in place that promote safety and awareness. That is our mort important job. 
To the families of those who have lost loved ones in Parkland, our hearts go out to them. We hope that our leaders recognize the need to limit access to these weapons and to help us keep our schools safe. Should you have any questions regarding our procedures please do not hesitate to call. 
Stephen J. Furtado, Ph.D
Executive Director