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2016 Summer Academy is here!

 We are pleased to announce the following 2016 Summer Academy programs:
  1. Skill Building Program - This is a free, three-week (July 11th to July 29th ), Monday through Friday morning program for middle and high school students who are in need of additional support for improving their Math and/or ELA.
  1. Activity Enrichment Program - This is a free, three-week (July 11th to July 29th) Monday through Friday afternoon program for our middle and high school students. Please check the list of programs, dates and times. Students interested in attending this program must complete and return the Summer Programs Application Form. A lottery will be held for each activity. You will receive written notification when a student is enrolled in one or more programs. Classes may be canceled if there are not enough enrolled students, and a waiting list will be established for classes that are over-enrolled.
  1. Course Completion Program - Students needing to do additional work in order to receive credit for a class, must complete the Summer Programs Application Form, receive the required signed approvals on the back page, and pay the $125.00 per class to be enrolled in the Summer Course Credit Completion Program. Class credit will only be issued once the required work is completed and approved by the summer subject teacher. These required morning sessions are for three weeks (July 11th to July 29th) Monday through Friday.

Please follow this link to register.

Students will need to bring a bag lunch if they are scheduled to attend both morning and afternoon sessions. Regular transportation to and from school will not be available.