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GLCPS Seeks Community Members to Review Student Work

"We depend on community members for this aspect of the learning process," Principal Lena Pires said. "Students will demonstrate depth and breadth of their lessons throughout the year in a comprehensive presentation. They will also show their growth in 21st century skills including creative thinking and critical thinking."

POLs are fundamental to the school’s project-based learning curriculum and are essential as a method of student assessment. Students fulfill the four tenets of the school's charter by exhibiting content knowledge, effective communication, public speaking and technology skills. The exhibition provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their work directly to their peers and to members of the greater New Bedford community. 

"For 6th grade students, this is only the 2nd year they've participated in POL Day, and they're doing some exciting work but they are nervous," said 6th grade Humanities teacher Elizabeth Bellavance. "The students will present on a time and place on the African continent. Each student has also researched an endangered species, and then used a coding program called Scratch to create a computer game about that species."

Students in 7th grade were able to choose a research area based on various subjects. Some students created a video to demonstrate what they've learned about evolution. "These projects help develop time management and research skills, script writing and film editing," said Ashley Burnett, 7th grade Science teacher.

Other students are creating house structures, for which they must demonstrate their grasp of proportion and scaling, as well as design skills. Some students will present their research on one aspect of New Bedford, and how that particular event or situation influenced the city's development. Still other 7th grade students chose to research Roman war tactics which they learned about while studying ancient civilizations.

"I'm super excited about what they've come up with on their own, things I hadn't even thought of," said Burnett. "They've come up with great projects based on what they've learned and how they've grown this year."

High school POLs will include presentations on progress or completion of service learning capstone projects, as well as history projects, including exploring war through art.

Students will continue to design and revise their work from now until POL Day.

The staff and students of GLCPS encourage members of the community to participate as POL reviewers who observe and help grade the exhibitions.  For more information about volunteering for POL Day, please contact Lynn Poyant or Adonis Ferreira at 508-991-4105.  Guests may also RSVP at