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GLCPS Students Attend G20 Summit

The GLCPS students participated in the event sponsored by the Harvard US-China Economic Interaction Council (HUCEIC).

 HUCEIC is a student organization affiliated with Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, according to the website. Its mission is to promote public discussion about the economic interaction and integration between the US and China, and to provide students and scholars an opportunity to acquire more real knowledge of international politics and economy

 The three-day summit took place at Harvard University during winter vacation week.

Students in teacher Heidi Eastman's World History class competed for the chance to participate in the summit. In the end, four juniors - Nashon Almeida, Kelsey Oliveira, Airon Perreira and Amara Roderick - were chosen to go and accepted the challenge.

"This was an exciting and dynamic experience on many levels for our students," said Ms. Eastman. Each student was given a country to research by the Council. They had to prepare information regarding that country's history, form of government, gross domestic product; its trade, infrastructure, agriculture, environmental issues, human rights, foreign policy, investment, development and energy sustainability.  

"Our students did an outstanding job without any help from their teachers or parents," said Ms. Eastman.

No parents or teachers could participate or cheer them on. One student said she loved participating in the press conference and learning how to handle herself in front of the media. Another student said he learned so much about the G20 summit, the United Nations and how it plays such a crucial role in the ongoing project of globalization. Ms. Eastman noted the students were impressed that the Chinese students were incredibly knowledgeable about the US. 

"I am incredibly proud of our students and so excited that they took this experience and really ran with it."