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GLCPS Starts Free Weekend Jazz Program For Area Youth

There an in incredible amount of musical energy, musical ideas and genuine enthusiastic creativity in our communities and our neighborhoods. For that reason, the Global Learning Charter Jazz Initiative has created a space, the means and tools, and serious instruction for young musicians to learn, explore, create and promote jazz music. Read about it in The Standard Times.There are two parts to the program: 

The Jazz combo/ensemble workshop will be held every Saturday for nine weeks from 10:00 - 12:00 at the main campus of GLCPS beginning 2/27/16. Students in Grades 3-12 will be placed in beginning, intermediate and advanced combos/workshops exploring improvisation and performance in jazz, blues, funk and beyond. The program will include performances, field studies and visiting artists. Participating students must commit to attending all seven workshops and the performance on Saturday, 4/9/16.
The Global Jazz All-Star big band which will be an audition-only program will meet once a week for two hours performing high level jazz music for students in grades 8 - 12. This program will begin in February after auditions are complete. A jazz choir will also be offered with enough participants.
For more information, please contact Ian Gollub: or 508-991-4105